Iverheal 6mg (Ivermectine 6)

Iverheal 6mg (Ivermectine 6)


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Product Description

Ivermectin 6 mg- A Medicine That Will Help You Get Rid Of Roundworm Infections

Ivermectin 6mg is an antiphrastic medicine to help you with roundworm infections. The medicine is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical in India and sells it under the brand name Ivermectol. You will find ten tablets in one strip of medicine you buy, and each tablet includes 6 mg of Ivermectin, a primary salt. It is a small white tablet you should always take as a whole.

If you also suffer from a roundworm infection, you should visit the physician first. They will provide you with a prescription which is important for buying the medicine. In this blog, we will discuss the details of the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine you should go through.

What are the different reasons to use the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine?

Ivermectin 6 mg is a prescription-based medicine you will only get if you have a roundworm issue. Following are the different reasons why a person needs to take Ivermectin 6mg medicine-

  • If you have a roundworm infection named scabies, you can consume the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine. In the issue of scabies, you will notice redness and inflammation on your skin. There will be some holes in your skin, also. It happens because the roundworm is present beneath your skin, causing redness and inflammation. You might need to take medicine for 3-4 months to cure the issue completely.
  • Filariasis is also an issue that is caused by roundworms. In this issue, a person’s limbs get affected, which start swelling up. Very soon, you will notice an imbalance in your body, so taking the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine is important. When you start using the medicine, you will notice a relief in your symptoms, eventually ending within a few weeks.
  • The medicine will also help people with the issue of river blindness, also known as onchocerciasis. In this issue, the roundworm enters a person’s eyes and causes redness. The redness slowly takes over the whole eye causing blindness which can be permanent also. In this case, you can use the medicine to remove the blindness and redness.
  • The medicine is going to help people with the issues of strongyloidiasis, which is an intestinal infection. In this issue, a worm will stay in your intestine for many years and cause dysfunction like pain and indigestion. When you take medicine, the roundworm will go away soon.
  • The medicine also helps people who have STIs due to roundworms. The Ivermectin 6 mg is going to control the issue and keep suppressing the symptoms of the STI.
  • The medicine is also going to cure urinary tract infections that are caused by roundworms.

You should visit the physician and ask for a prescription if you have any of these issues.

How does Ivermectin 6 mg remove roundworms from your body?

The Ivermectin 6 mg will remove the roundworm from your body within a few days or weeks based on the levels of the issue and issue you are facing. When you use the medicine, you will notice that the Ivermectin dissolves in your body and reaches out to the roundworms. After reaching the roundworms, it will enter its body and stop all the activities that are happening in its body. The Ivermectin will stop all the functions related to the muscular and nervous systems of the roundworm’s body. After that, the Ivermectin will stop the roundworm’s multiplication process. They will block its mRNA from functioning, which will stop the production of the protein itself. Soon, the growth of roundworms will stop, and you will notice how roundworms start decreasing in number in your body.

How to use the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine?

If you are thinking of using the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine, you should follow these tips-

  • You must always take medicine as a whole without breaking or chewing it. If you break or chew the medicine, it might not work properly because it is made that way.
  • You must consume the medicine by gulping it, so a glassful of water can help.
  • You must take medicine with a difference in your time. If you are taking medicine before a meal, the difference should be more than 1 hour but if you are thinking of using it after a meal, keep a difference of 2 hours.
  • You should stop using junk food when taking Ivermectin 6 mg; otherwise, it will not work properly.

Dose of Ivermectin 6 Mg- How does the physician decide for your medicine dose?

The dose of Ivermectin 6 mg that you should use should be either once a day or two. The physician always decides the dose you should take, depending on a few facts. The points on which a physician is going to decide your dose are-

  • The physician first checks your issue and the level of the issue.
  • The physician is also going to check your age. If your age is less than 65, only then should you take medicine.
  • The dose of medicine will depend on your weight also. According to weight, a person should take 200 mcg/kg of medicine as one dose.
  • The physician will also see whether the medicine is working for you. They will change your dose accordingly.

Missed and Overdose of Ivermectin 6 mg

When you miss the dose of the medicine, then you are going to be in trouble. The roundworm starts increasing in your body at a very high pace. That is why you should make up for your missed dose. If the time left for the next dose is more than 12 hours, only then should you take medicine. In the opposite scenario, contact your physician for help.

Overdose of the medicine can be serious when using the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine. It will pose various negative impacts on your body, and in some serious cases, a person might even faint. That is why, before something bad happens in your body, you must consult your physician.

What are the serious side effects of Ivermectin 6 mg?

When you are going to use the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine, you are going to notice a few side effects. It is more in some people, and in others, it might be less. It completely depends on the type of body you have. No matter in which category you fall, you should know about all the side effects in your body due to the medicine. A list of all the side effects is present below-

  • A person might notice headache, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness due to the medicine.
  • You will notice muscle pain and weakness due to using the Ivermectin 6 mg tablet.
  • The medicine will cause pain in the stomach, diarrhoea and nausea due to medicine consumption.
  • The medicine is going to cause redness in the eyes and skin.
  • Itching might happen in your body due to the use of medicine.
  • The Ivermectin 6 mg is going to cause vomiting and increased heartbeat.
  • The medicine causes increased blood pressure.
  • A sore throat might also happen in your body due to the use of Ivermectin 6 mg.

Preventive measures for using the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine

When you are using the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine, you will notice various side effects and issues that might arise in your body. That is why you should take some preventive measures that are going to help you manage the side effects and ensure the great working of the medicine. The measures are-

  • You should always share every single detail with your physician about your medical history. They are going to check whether you are safe to use the medicine or not.
  • You can not take medicine if you are a heart patient.
  • Liver patients should also stay cautious about using the medicine. It can be harmful to their body.
  • People who are taking medication should not use alcohol or marijuana. It can give rise to uninvited side effects in your body. You should also not use tobacco.
  • You should not take medicine if you are taking barbiturates (such as phenobarbital or butalbital), benzodiazepines, etc.
  • You should not take medicine with food, and if you do so, the medicine might not work properly.

Storage requirement of Ivermectin 6 mg

When you buy the medicine, it is important that along with consuming the medicine properly, you should also store the medicine properly. A few tips that you should follow for storing the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine are-

  • You should never store the medicine in a place where the temperature is high (above 28 degrees Celsius).
  • The place you are choosing to store your Ivermectin 6 mg medicine should be dry and cool.
  • Never store the medicine in a place where it comes in direct contact with sunlight.
  • Place the medicine on a top shelf always so that kids and children can not reach it.

Which is the best website to buy the Ivermectin 6 mg medicine?

It is common that buying medicine from a website is much better than buying it offline. But there are hundreds of websites available online which are going to provide you with an Ivermectin 6 mg website. But there is one website which is best for buying medicines, and that is Zmedx. The reasons why you must use this website are-

  • The website is best when it comes to providing the best quality medicine. They never compromise the quality of medicine they provide to their customers as they always provide high-quality medicine from the best manufacturers globally.
  • Zmedx’s website is also the best when it comes to pricing the medicine at which they sell it. They also provide great discounts and offers to the customers who are visiting and buying from the website.
  • The website provides great priority to your information safety which is very rare nowadays. They have no disclosure agreement under which they can not share your information. If they still do it, you can take legal action.
  • The website is going to provide you with 24*7 support which will help you while buying the medicine. If you face any issues, ask questions from them and get the solutions to your issues.


  1. Is the medicine Ivermectin 6 mg completely safe to use?

Yes, the medicine Ivermectin 6 mg is completely safe to use if you have a roundworm infection. The FDA approves the medicine to use in this case, but you have to check your safety first. That is why visit the physician before starting the medicine use and discuss your issue with them. They will check whether you should use the medicine or not and also decide the best dose for your body.

  1. Is Ivermectin 6 mg a steroid medicine?

No, the medicine Ivermectin 6 mg is not a steroid tablet and will not form any habit. But you have to take medicine regularly; otherwise, your issue will not resolve completely.

  1. For how long is the Ivermectin going to stay inside your system?

Once you consume the Ivermectin 6 mg, then it is going to stay inside your system for 12-13 days. It will work slowly and slowly in your system in the meantime, and all you need to do is take medicine on time.

  1. Are there any cases of blood clots due to the use of Ivermectin 6 mg?

No, the Ivermectin 6 mg is not going to cause any blood clots in your body. But you should not ignore if any clots happen in your body. You should directly contact the physician to discuss the issue you are facing.

  1. What are the side effects of Ivermectin 6 mg?

When you are using the medicine, then you might notice that the common side effects that might appear are headache, nausea, dizziness, etc., but if you are looking for some serious side effects, then you might notice issues of heart, lung infection, pain in your muscles, vomiting, etc.

Additional Information

Active Ingredient



Scabies, Filariasis


Healing Pharma


10 tablets in 1 strip


6 Mg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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