Shipping, Refund and Returns Policy

Shipping, Refund and Returns Policy

There are many reasons why a person wants to return medicines. That is why we have defined a return policy for our customers. You should read all the rules below so that when you want to return your medicines, you don’t face any problems.


  • Sometimes a person places an order by mistake while checking out the medicines. Such people have a time of 7 days to cancel the order. If the time surpasses seven days, you are not eligible to cancel the order.


  • After seven days of the time, you have to receive the order, no matter if you are in India or somewhere else.


  • If you find any package damage due to shipment, you have the right to return the order. We are happy to exchange the order and provide you with a new set of medicines.


  • When you place an order for the exchange of the medicine, then one of our executives will contact you. They will verify your return and then process the order further.


  • At Generic PILLS USA, we don’t offer cash refunds. You will get the money in your bank account if the mistake is from our side. You can report the issue and choose to get a refund in this case. If you want to buy some other medicine from our website, then you can also accept a coupon that you can redeem to buy any medicine.